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Our Specialties
Mobile Development

We are in an era where technology is getting more powerful and the gadgets are getting more compact. We at infomacks design user friendly mobile applications that utilize minimal resources making them fit for all devices for that platform of your choice.

Web Development

Our web designs are inspired by the latest trends of Material design, using cutting-edge technologies for a fresh and modern look. Through the use of several open source tools, we ensure that the web development services are just what our clients expect.

Software Development

Our software are clean and extremely easy to use and maintain. We use the best technologies to solve your problem and give a solution for life.

Graphic Design

Attract prospects with professional graphics designed by professional visual problem solvers Infomacks. We utilize maximum creative instincts and peerless resources to offer immaculate designs that are in accordance to high level standards.

Digital Marketing

We design, build and maintain your  company’s social media presence using  pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, local search integration, social media and display advertising campaigns. This will help your company gain a competitive edge and increase it’s customer service.


Network Administration

We Install network and computer systems, maintain, repair and upgrade network and computer system, Diagnose and fix problems or potential problems with the network and its hardware, software and systems and monitor network and systems to improve performance ensuring your network is steadily up.

Motivational Program

We offer youth motivational services through Infomacks Motivational Forum which is a group of young motivated youths who have youths and society at heart. They have taken the leading role in changing and charging the youths. They are voluntarily visiting high schools and other consortia with motivation to talking to this bunch of good people.

Event Planning

We help you market your business and create a positive image at a manageable cost. We organize and manage events of all types. Our highly experienced team will work with you to make everything successful.