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Infopap news platform

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Infopap news platform

News defines us. It defines our lifestyle, social life up to and including our economy. News does define us in that by being aware of what is going on in a particular field we tend to be influenced towards the same. There are several ways we can access news through media that is Television and Radio, Newspapers, Blogs, etc.


At large journalists usually do the job of acquiring news from different parts of the world and availing it for us to view or read through. How about we made acquiring news an interesting exercise? What if u had the capability to be the world’s journalist? The capability to add news for the world to view, share and comment as it happens and where it happens? That is just what Infopap will enable you to do.


Infopap is a platform developed by Infomacks where one can add, share, comment on, like, dislike or read through global news from different categories. Infopap is designed to provide the real time updates of what is happening on the ground through citizens participation. The main aim is to link Journalists with real time updates of what is happening on the ground from different locations in the World. This application is able to verify the user generated content.

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