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Infomacks Motivational Forum

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Infomacks Motivational Forum

Infomacks Motivational Forum is a group of young motivated youths who have youths and society at heart. They have hereby taken the leading role in changing and charging the youths. They are voluntarily visiting high schools and other consortia with motivation to talking to this bunch of good people. They are from Lower eastern part of Kenya.

So far they have reached over 30 schools and are purposing to get to at least each school within Makueni, Machakos and Kitui. They are self sponsored. They sponsor every single activity they roll with help of friends and good wishers. Talking to the veteran developers of the idea, they said that they are not out to make any monetary gain for themselves. Their motivation is basically seeing a transformed community, reliable youths, rehabilitated addicts and a people with conscience of humanity at heart. Anyone with similar aspirations is a candidate to membership. They are ready to work with anyone so long as they subscribe to the forum’s terms and conditions.

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