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Mobile Development

We design user friendly mobile applications that utilize minimal resources making them fit for all devices.

Web Development

Our web designs are inspired by the latest trends of Material design, using cutting-edge technologies for a fresh and modern look.

Software Development

Our software are clean and extremely easy to use and maintain. We use the best technologies to solve your problem and give a solution for life.

Graphic Design

Attract prospects with professional logo, flyer, brochure and other graphics designed by professional visual problem solvers Infomacks



Shopping made simpler

Shopping might not always be a blissful stress free experience. Buying goods from the supermarket has its cons: Time - we spend too much time window shopping trying to get the best price Money - We end up buying products at high prices when we can get the same for a cheaper price.


Sunrayjets services

Sunrayjets Travel

Sunrayjets Travel is an amazing experience of safety, comfort, and quality. Schedule rides on the go with our award winning travel services. You are assured of on time pickup with experienced and vetted drivers. Our team coordinates your trip through GPs tracking systems fitted in the cars.


Infopap News Platform

Infopap News Platform Launched

Infopap is an app designed to provide the real time updates of what is happening on the ground through citizens participation. The main aim is to link Journalists with real time updates of what is happening on the ground from different locations in the World. This Application is able to verify the user generated content.


MyControl Vehicle Tracking System


MyControl is a product of Trackncontrol Limited (Kenya). It is the Client for comfortGPS (http://tracking.trackncontrol.com:8080/track/Track), the leading GPS vehicle tracking solution in East and Central Africa by Trackncontrol Ltd.


UET Kenya website

UET Kenya

The UET Kenya website was officially launched on 6th Feb 2016 during the UET summit in Nairobi. UET is a non denominational ministrycommitted to prayerfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, training, mentoring and community initiatives in Kenya.

Why Choose Infomacks?

Infomacks has reinforced its business on various technologies and domains for its global clients, hence with this distinguished expertise, experience and drive; Infomacks provides quality products and solutions.

Reliable Solutions

Ethical Team

On time Project Delivery

Cost Effective Solutions

Team of Skilled Resources

Flexibility and Design Considerations


Latest News


Infopap is a platform developed by Infomacks where one can add, share, comment on, like, dislike or read through global news from different categories which can be trending, politics, education, sports, health, entertainment, opinion, gossip, and general news.


The UET Kenya website; http://uetkenya.org/, was officially launched on Saturday 6th Feb 2016 during UET summit in Nairobi. The event was officiated by UET Kenya chairperson Nashon Thambu.

infomacks motivation

Infomacks Motivational Forum is a group of young motivated youths who have youths and society at heart. They have hereby taken the leading role in changing and charging the youths. They are voluntarily visiting high schools and other consortia with motivation to talking to this bunch of good people.

shop sasa

Shopsasa is an application that provides the following services:

Product Pricing – Get prices of products in the supermarket, no more window shopping all day.

Shopping List – Add items you find to your shopping list and save them for you next trip to the supermarket.